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Vilcabamba Ecuador, churchThe valley of Vilcabamba is located near to Loja, only 40 minutes far, up to 5,000ft (1500-1600 mts) above sea level, by being on the equatorial divide it maintains a spring like temperature of 65 to 82 degrees Farenheit (18 to 28 degrees Celsius) year round.

There are two seasons, the rainy season which lasts from October to May, and the dry season which lasts from June to September. There are strong winds in July and August causing it to get quite dry. Two rivers flow through the valley, the Chamba and the Yambala, and they become the Vilcabamba. These rivers keep parts of the valley green during the dry season.

The soft and slightly surreal peaks which practically en-gulf Vilcabamba make for excellent day hikes from town. Furthermore, nearly every other building has a sign out front advertising massages and facials, a trend started by a few hotels and later picked up by the rest of the resident population, a large percentage of which are foreigners who couldn't bring themselves to leave.

Most of those who stayed, as well as a handful of locals, now own cafés, offer horse-riding tours or own rustic little hotels offering travelers some serious relaxation. The town also offers access to some of the most biodiverse sections of Podocarpus and is a good stopping point en route to or from Peru via Zumba.

Vilcabamba has for many years been famous as the valley of longevity. Inhabitants supposedly live to be 100 or more, and some claim to be 120 years old. This has been attributed to their simple, hard-working lifestyle, their diet of non fatty foods and the excellent climate. Scientific investigation has been unable to substantiate these beliefs, but the legend persists.

The climate of Vilcabamba is temperate sub-tropical; sometimes proudly referred to by locals as “perpetual spring”. At lower elevations, the temperature ranges between about 13 and 24oC (55 to 75 oF), with an Vilcabamba Ecuador, horse trekkingaverage around 20oC (68oF). In this climate, papaya, banana and chirimoya flourish alongside blackberries (mora) and oranges.

Vilcabamba has many activities to offer such as: walking, hiking, horse trekking, mountain biking, an ideal location for photographers, painters, biologists and bird watchers. continues...

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