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Vida Verde Spanish Center

Vida Verde Spanish CenterThe Vida Verde Spanish Center in Quito, Ecuador offering intensive Spanish language instruction and Spanish immersion programs.

The spanish school is located in a spacious, yet cozy, colonial house near the Mariscal tourist district of Quito. While studying the school, you'll not only receive quality Spanish instruction, you'll also have the opportunity to live with an Ecuadorian family, learn about the various Ecuadorian cultures through innovative lesson plans and embark on excursions that emphasize the richness of the diverse Ecuadorian environment and its people.

Vida Verde prides itself on the personalized level of treatment that offers the students. The programs are flexible and can be tailored to meet your needs and our teachers work together as a team to ensure the best spanish education possible for each individual student.

While participating in the language program, you'll have the chance to visit one of South America's largest and most famous open markets, learn how to cook classic Ecuadorian dishes, dance the meringue and learn to salsa.


Learning One to One: It’s no secret that the best and quickest way to learn Spanish is through intensive, one-to-one individual instruction. This is the primary teaching method used here at the Vida Verde Spanish Center. One-to-one instruction allows students to learn at their own pace and enables teachers to custom-design study programs to best meet the needs of their students. By using this method, teachers can provide immediate feedback, minimizing the formation of bad habits.

Small Group Lessons: The group program is suited for students desiring increased interaction, a slightly slower learning pace, and/or a more economical means of study. We offer small-group instruction for groups of 2 to 4 students. To form a group, it is necessary that the students are at relatively the same level. Students wishing to form a group may be required to take the placement exam so that we may determine the exact experience level of each student. For the group program, the same teaching method and content is used, just in a group setting.

Rotation Method: In order to expose students to slightly different teaching styles, accents, dialects, and help them to recognize the variations of spoken Spanish, we have designed our program so that students generally study with a different teacher each week. This rotation method also allows students the opportunity to build relationships with more of the staff here at the Vida Verde Spanish Center.

Volunteer Program: One of the most rewarding experiences that you can have in Ecuador is to Volunteer. It is a beautiful way to experience a culture and language while giving back to your fellow man. Many of the students choose to do some sort of volunteer work, weather it be in conjunction with classes at the school or after a period of study.

These advanced study programs allow students to focus on a career-related or personal topic of interest. Programs are available for students who have demonstrated proficiency at the Advanced Level. Professors for these specialized programs have specific knowledge in the selected topic in addition to proficiency in Spanish language and grammar instruction.

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Bipo & Tonis spanish school
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