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Ecuador, Tonsupa beachIn the coastal route of the Pacific Ocean, km 26, on the south west of Esmeraldas, you can find the beautiful beach of Tonsupa. Mixing between the agricultural landscapes of household tasks and the majesty of its extensive beaches, gets hold of the attention of the visitors.

To only 45 minutes in bus from Esmeraldas, Tonsupa has big and comfortable hotels and tourist complexes, apartments, cabins, hotels, inn, pensions and discotheques of great category to take pleasure to the most demanding tourists who seek to enjoy its calm beaches and the sunny days.

Tonsupa is a destiny for the family, you can come to the nice beach with your children and your parents. It has beautiful waves and clean sand. You can eat many dishes of the sea, fish, lobster and "ceviche".

The sport can you practice in Tonsupa is the snorkelling, since it possesses a beautiful submarine landscape.


This small fishing village is more bustling than Atacames from a fishing point of view, but it's a much quieter place to stay if you'd rather watch the boats at work than just hang out on the beach. The fishing industry attracts its attendant frigatebirds, pelicans and other seabirds, and the general setting is attractive.


Muisne, one of the wildest beaches of Ecuador. It attracts people both from the highlands and from the coastal regions of Ecuador as well as Colombians who come either on regular flights or driving their cars.

Ecuador, Same beachThere are some mangroves remaining in the area, and this is one of the few places where mangroves are, to some extent at least, protected.


The small village of Same is a quiet beach resort about 6km southwest of Sua. Same lacks the crowds of Atacames and is slightly more expensive. The attractive gray-sand beach is palm fringed and clean. continues...

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