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South America, the Congress of ArgentinaArgentina is situated between the Andes in the west and the southern Atlantic Ocean in the east and south. It is bordered by Paraguay and Bolivia in the north, Brazil and Uruguay in the northeast, and Chile in the west and south. Argentina possesses some of the world's tallest mountains, expansive deserts, and impressive waterfalls, with the diversity of the land ranging from wild, remote areas in southern Patagonia to the bustling metropolis of Buenos Aires in the north.


South America, Government Palace BoliviaBolivia is situated at the heart of South America. It borders with Brazil to the North and East, with Peru and Chile to the West, and Argentina and Paraguay to the South. Some unforgettable features has to offer are deep thick jungles, rare animal species, lush green rain forests, Savannah's, dry warm valleys, high volcanoes, snow covered mountain ranges, gigantic rock walls, endless cold deserts, salt flats, colorful mountain lakes and several, diverse ethnic groups and cultural identities. The jungle is irrigated by many rivers that originate in the mountain ranges and eventually empty into the Amazon River.


South America, Ipanema beach BrazilBrazil shares a border with almost every other country in South America (only Chile and Ecuador are untouched) and covers almost half the continent. Brazil is famous for its beaches, coffee, the Amazon River and rainforest, Carnival in Rio, and the country's passion for samba, soccer and so much more. Images of Copacabana, Ipanema, and of course the giant statue of Christ atop Corcovado Mountain are etched in the mind of travelers.


South America, Lago Panguipulli ChileChile shares borders with Argentina to the east, Bolivia to the northeast and Peru to the north. It is one of only two countries in South America that does not share a border with Brazil, the other being Ecuador. Santiago is the capital and the largest city in Chile. Other cities include Concepcion, Vina del Mar and Valparaiso. Chile has a long coastline with low coastal mountains, a central valley and mountains (Andes) to the east. The Loa is the longest river in Chile. continues...

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South America

South America
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