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Ecuador rainforest, butterflyEcuador’s share of the Amazon provides unparalleled easy-access opportunities for experiencing the magic of the rainforest. These tropical lowlands in the east of Ecuador cover an area of nearly 40% of the country. The rainforest is home to a wide range of species, travelers can look forward to an exotic paradise teeming with life where almost half of the planet's 8,500 bird species, more than 1,200 butterflies, and thousands of reptiles and mammals thrive amidst a primordial setting of black-water lagoons, winding creeks, and towering trees. The Ecuadorian Upper Amazon Basin is home to several indigenous nations such as Secoyas, Huaorani, Shuaras, Sionas, Cofanes and Quichuas, each one with its own characteristic features such as language, customs and own Cosmo vision.

To truly take advantage of the rain forest, one must awaken all five senses to discover how exotic life forms have evolved to live together in a minimal extent of land. The embracing sounds tell of the various birds and insects that keep this living forest in constant change. The many other animal and plant species need of careful observation to be found as they have amazing color and texture adaptations to be confused with the scenery.

Many hypotheses have been raised to explain the impressive high diversity in tropical rain forests, and each provides an insight to understand this complex ecosystem better. The competition for resources has lead organisms to adapt to unique niches and thus result in a number of specialized and interdependent organisms.

You can access to the jungle through one of the three roads from the Andes. In the north from Quito. Another road in the south from Baños to Puyo, which is considered to be the best and most reliable one and the third southern road with access from Cuenca to Macas. There are airports in Lago Agrio, Coca and Macas, all with scheduled flights from Quito. These services are notoriously unreliable and the weather can also cancel the flights, so be prepared for delay.

Ecuador rainforest, monkeyThere are jungle lodges, deep in the forest where visitors can experience the rainforest and have their best chance of seeing monkeys and other mammals. Also canoe expeditions are an option, combined with camping or basic accommodation, usually these include something cultural from the area often with a community or family visit. There are both indigenous families and communities who welcome visitors and are usually as interested in your culture as you are in theirs. continues...

Ecuador rainforest, Mindo

Ecuador rainforest, Mindo
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