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Ecuador, tucanThe name of the province derives from the explorer Francisco de Orellana who it is told sailed from somewhere near the town to the Atlantic Ocean. The capital is Francisco de Orellana, has only existed since 1999 and has four cantons. Orellana is rich in oil and wood reserves and has beautiful scenery and a wealth of flora and fauna. It borders Sucumbíos to the north, Pastaza to the south, Peru to the east, and Napo to the west.

Morona Santiago

Morona Santiago is a province in southeastern Ecuador on border with Peru, in Amazonica region, the capital is Macas. It is rich in natural beauty, with many rivers and a variety of trees species such as cedar, mahogany, canelon, and laurel.


Napo is a province in northeastern area of Ecuador in Amazonica region. The capital is Tena.  Napo is characterized by equatorial rainforest typical of the vast Amazon basin. The Oriente accounts for nearly one-third of Ecuador's land area but only 4 percent of its total population; Napo itself is home to over one-fourth of this population


The capital is Puyo. The province contains the Pastaza River. Natural resources of Pastaza are bananas, grapefruits, tobacco, and tea. Today it is a must-see spot for tourists looking to get in touch with nature and live out an Amazon adventure.

Zamora Chinchipe

The capital of the Zamora Chinchipe province is Zamora. Zamora-Chinchipe  is home to a variety of reserves such as Podocarpus National Park. The geography here is extremely varied due to the influence of the Eastern and Condor highland areas.

Galapagos Islands

Ecuador, Galapagos IslandsPeople who get the most out of a trip to the Galapagos (and few walk away un-moved) are those who have an interest in natural history, a love of wildlife and the ability to bury the bothers of hopping around on a fixed itinerary with a group of fellow tourists (although even the most hardened, ant group skeptics soften into gooey-eyed gazers at their first glimpse of a seal pup). For most, visiting the Galapagos turns out to be the highlight of their trip to Ecuador. The wildlife of the Galapagos is unique. The islands have been called "a laboratory of Evolution" and are of immense importance to our understanding of the natural world.

The incredible assemblage of wildlife is threatened not only by tourism, but also by increased colonization that accompanies the booming tourist industry. continues...

Ecuador facts

Ecuador facts

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