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Ecuador provinces

Ecuadorian lakeChimborazo

The province of Chimborazo is named after the highest Ecuadorian mountain (20.702 feet above sea level) make it an ideal place for mountaineering. The capital is Riobamba. he province is also rich in history, traditions, handicrafts and natural beauty with many lakes and distinctive paramo vegetation. The average temperature is 13 degrees centigrade and it’s on the southern route through the highlands.


This province is only 50 miles North of Quito on the Pan-American Highway. The indigenous Otavalian tribe of Imbabura Province speaks their own Quichua language. The Otavalian vendors and craftspeople speak enough Spanish and English phrases to be able to barter with their clients in the marketplaces. The Pan American Highway is a two-lane road which connects the major towns and most of the villages in Imbabura Province.


Loja is a province in south of Ecuador on border with Peru, in Sierra region, The capital is Loja. Loja is most well known the Virgen del Cisne religious festivals it organizes, which attract pilgrims from all over the country and from abroad, as well. Loja also has popular tourist attractions, the most well known being Vilcabamba Valley, famous for the longevity of the locals, most of whom live to the age of 100.


La Basilica church in Quito EcuadorThe Pichincha province is named after the mountain. Its most important cantones in addition to Quito are Cayambe, Mejía, Pedro Moncayo, Rumiñahui, Santo Domingo, San Miguel de los Bancos and Pedro Vicente Maldonado. The Andes mountains make the eastern part of the province a highly mountainous one, while the western part is quite coastal. Although Mount Pichincha is more dominating, Cayambe is taller, at 5,790 metres. Several rivers flow through the province to the Pacific Ocean: The Guayllabamba, Blanco, Pita, Pisque and San Pedro. Quito city,  the Ecuador's capital is located in this province.


Tungurahua is a province in central Ecuador in Sierra region. With its temperate, wet, and cool climate, this province is known for its towering peaks, its Carnival festivities and its fruit and flower production in the Ambato city. Handmade leather goods are another one of its riches.

The active Tungurahua volcano is located in this province in the canton of Baños. continues...

Ecuador provinces

Ecuador provinces
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