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Galapagos Islands wildlife

Galapagos tourists with sea lionsThe Galapagos Islands became famous after the visit of Charles Darwin in 1835. Galapagos Islands are one of the most remarkable wildlife sites in the world.

As well as their 26 endemic bird species and amazing seabird colonies, they have many unique creatures, including Giant Tortoises and Marine Iguanas. 

Their position in the cold Humboldt current flowing north from the Antarctic, and bringing nutrients to the surface, make the surrounding waters rich in fish and plankton, and account for the huge numbers of seabirds here, including, amazingly on the equator, Galapagos Penguin.

The underwater world is no less fascinating, and, although the water can be surprisingly cool at this time of year, there will be a chance to snorkel over the reefs and submerged volcanoes around the Galapagos shores, looking for huge Manta Rays, sharks including Hammerhead, turtles and other marine life.

The most spectacular animals are:



Sea life


Giant tortoises Sea lions Whale sharks Waved albatrosses
Green sea turtles Fur seals White-tipped reef sharks Blue-Footed Boobies
Marine Iguanas Dolphins Black-finned reef sharks Masked Boobies
Land iguanas Whales Galapagos sharks Red-Footed Boobies
Geckos   Tiger sharks Flightless Cormorants
Lava Lizards   Hammerhead sharks Frigatebirds
Snakes   Spotted eagle rays Swallow-Tailed Gulls
    Golden rays Lava Gulls
    Sting rays Brown Noddies
    Manta rays Brown Pelicans
    Bacalao Galapagos Penguins
    Mullet Galapagos Petrels
    Tuna Storm Petrels
    Guahoo Red-Billed Tropicbirds
    Thread herring Egrets
    White-banded angelfish Great Blue Herons
    Blue parrotfish Lava Herons
    Jewel moray eel Yellow-Crowned Herons
    Flying fish Greater Flamingos
    Blue lobsters American Oystercatchers
    Red lobsters Galapagos Doves
    Giant sea stars Darwin's Finches
    Pacific seahorse, Vermilion Flycatchers
    Damselfish Galapagos Martins
    Pufferfish Yellow Warblers


Galapagos Islands activities

Galapagos activities
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