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Ecuador Culture

Ecuadorian culture, Ecuadorian dressLike much of South America, Ecuadorian culture blends the influences of Spanish colonialism with the resilient traditions of pre-Columbian peoples. Ecuador's population is ethnically diverse.

The largest ethnic groups are the Mestizos (those of mixed Spanish and Amerindian ancestry) and constitute just over 65 per cent of the current population.

Amerindians are second in numbers and account for approximately a quarter of the people, around 25%. Whites are mainly Creoles, unmixed descendants of Spanish colonist, and account for 7% of the Ecuadorian population. A small minority of Afro-Ecuadorians, including Mulattos and "Zambos", constitute the remainder. Although the population was heavily concentrated in the Andes highlands region a few decades ago, today it is divided about equally between that area and the coast.

Ecuador demographics

Our culture mirrors the demographics of the country itself, and is a rich amalgam of various influences. Much like the ancestry of the mestizo majority, the national culture is also a mixture of both European and Amerindian influences, infused with various other elements inherited through the descendants of the country’s African slave past. In addition to the national culture, many of the existing indigenous communities also practice their own autochthonous cultures.

Migration toward cities - particularly Quito and Guayaquil - in all regions has increased the urban population to more than 50 percent. A large percentage of this population is children.

Ecuador language

Most Ecuadorians speak Spanish, though many speak Amerindian languages such as Quichua Shimi, Awapit, Cha'palachi, Tsafiqui, Paicoca, A'ingae, Huaotirio, Shuar-chichan, and Záparo, are widely spoken in areas with large indigenous populations.

Ecuador culture and religion

In common with other Latin American countries. In Ecuador the predominant religion is Roman Catholicism, but many communities still preserve their ancient beliefs of worship of the earth, the mountains, and the sun. Ecuador's colonial religious architecture is predominantly baroque, and in this style the main edifices (churches and convents) are unequaled in the World. continues...

Ecuador history

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