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Colonial Spanish School

Colonial Spanish SchoolThe Colonial Spanish School has main aim of provide high quality Spanish language instruction and cross-cultural education in an atmosphere of respect for the individual. A secondary aim is to contribute to a greater understanding among people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

The Colonial school is located between the new and old parts of the city of Quito. School are conveniently situated near post offices, banks, change houses, telephone offices, embassies and major hotels.

The teachers at Colonial Spanish School are university graduates or licensed language instructors. They are hired based on their performance in both a written exam and an interview.  All of our teachers have undergone an intensive 100-hour course of teaching instruction with us. Professional development and advice is provided continually.

The Colonial Spanish School are authorized by the Ministry of Education (ministerial agreement # 066 DINNEP) to give certificates of competence after each level of study to students who have fulfilled all the necessary requirements.

Special Programs

The school offer a number of cultural courses for the students, based on demand. For the most part, these courses are in Spanish.

Colonial Spanish School, Volunteer ProgramVolunteer Program: Volunteer Program will enable you to make a significant difference in a worldly precious area or in someones day to day life by giving your valuable time and effort. At the same time no doubt you will improve yourself both personally and professionally. We hope you will improve personally by living and working in another country and culture. Furthermore you can improve professionally by learning another language and by developing valuable skills that you will find invaluable in your future career.

Guitar, Organ, or Piano Lessons: An experienced teacher instructs you in the most popular national songs and other Latin American music.

Dance Lessons: The student learns the basic movements and patterns, picks up the rhythm, tempo, and techniques for leading and following.  After the lessons you will be able to hit the dance floor and impress the locals.  These lessons are for dancers of all skill levels. This is your chance to learn the dance that's "the heat of the streets". Authentic Salsa is a high energy, rhythmic Latin American dance.

Andean Instruments: With these lessons you can experience the native rhythms of Ecuador. You can to learn instruments such as the rustic flute, pan pipes, a small five-stringed guitar (charango), big drum (bombo), etc..  You'll have a local, experienced teacher who generally belongs to an Andean group of the region.

Ecuadorian Cooking: Learn to prepare traditional Ecuadorian meals, from different regions of the country.  The classes take place in the teacher's home; after the dish is completed, students get to enjoy the fruits of their labours.

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