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Ecuador beaches, PlayasCalled General Villamil on some maps, Playas is the closest beach resort to Guayaquil, which makes it crowned and littered during the high season. Playas is also an important fishing village. As result of its proximity to Guayaquil there are many holiday homes in Playas. It is a busy from December to April but quiet at other times. Weekends are much busier than midweek.


Ecuador beaches, CanoaThis growing little village, about 18km north San Vicente, has a long, wide and usually empty beach. The swimming is good when the waves are down - when they're up, people drag out their surfboats. For beginners, the surf at Canoa is perfect, with forgiving waves and a sandy bottom. The best season for surfing is from late November through late April, though waves are present year-round. Board rentals and lessons are readily available at inexpensive prices.


Ecuador beaches, CrucitaThe fishing village Crucita is reached by going north from Portoviejo. There you'll find several good seafood restaurants, a very long narrow beach and hang gliders. Crucita is considered one of the best locations for this sport. Additionally, you can find a great deal of sea birds.


Ecuador beaches, BallenitaIn Ballenita beach you can find the Farallon Dillon Restaurant-Museum. It has a wonderful viewpoint that is the perfect setting for bird and whale watching. The museum displays modern practical artifacts made out of antique marine pieces. Most of the artifacts are for sale. The restaurant has a unique personality, as it resembles a ship.

Playa Escondida

Ecuador beaches, Playa EscondidaPlaya Escondida is located in a beautiful bay. The ecological refuge based here is large - 100 hectares. In Playa Escondida you'll see pelicans, frigate birds, hummingbirds, sandpipers, giant and tiny kingfishers, horneros, parrots and parakeets, azulejos, caciques, flycatchers, masked tyrants, mot mots, herons and even ospreys escaping from the cold northern climate. continues...

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