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Ambato cityAmbato is a thriving city just 2 1/2 hours south of Quito and sits on a ridge between a few steep hills and a valley that drops off sharply. Its residents consider themselves to be resilient and offer the fact that their city was rebuilt after a devastating earthquake in 1948 as evidence.

The city is proud of its cultural heritage, and nicknames itself 'Tierra de Los Tres Juanes'. The three Juanes were Juan Leon Mera was a writer and poet who is most famous for writing Ecuador's national anthem. Juan Montalvo was another famous writer who many have named the "Cervantes of South America". Juan Benigno Vela was a renown teacher and champion of the Country's youth. All are inmortalized in Ambato's parks, museums and buildings.

The city is called also “Garden of Ecuador”, well-known by its production of peaches, apples, pears, grapes, oranges, strawberries, cane of sugar, cereals and all class of vegetables. Its industrial production is based on the textiles, flowers, conserves of fruits, articles of skin, rubber, and furniture.

Ambato has developed into an architectural marvel where modern buildings coexist elegantly with colonial edifices. Modern structures give the city a metropolitan feel while at the same time they enhance the remaining colonial architecture.

Festival of Fruit and Flowers

Ambato is famous for its 'Fiesta de las Flores y de las Frutas' (Festival of Ambato Ecuador, CathedralFruit and Flowers), which is anual festival that's supposed to coincide with Carnival but is usually held during the last two weeks in February. apart from fruit and flowers shows, the festivities include bullfigths, parades, late night street dancing and general fun.

Cathedral church

This is a modern building standing out from its urban context due to its colossal size. Built to replace the "Iglesia Matriz de Ambato", which was severely damaged by the 1949 earthquake, it was inaugurated on December 12, 1954.


Among the city's museums are the following: The Natural Science, Museum in Bolivar National School and the Luis A. Martinez Art Museum in the Muncipality building. continues...

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Hotel Ambato

Hotel Ambato
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