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Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands

Ecuador is a small country with 270,678 sq Km but what it lacks in size it more that makes up for in geographic variety. Four regions typically explored on Ecuador tours are: Coastal, Andean, Amazon and the Galapagos Islands region. Our natural resources include: petroleum, fish, timber, and hydropower. With more than thirteen million people, the coast has 46% of the country's inhabitants and is the site of Ecuador's largest city, Guayaquil. The Sierra has 49% of the population, and features the second largest city and capital of Ecuador, Quito. The remaining 5% lives in the "Oriente" (Rainforest), which makes up more than a quarter of the country's land area.

Ecuador tourism

Orchid of EcuadorWedged between Columbia and Peru, Ecuador packs astounding geographical and cultural diversity into a surprisingly compact area, making it a tempting destination even for a short break.

Ecuador is one of the most interesting destinations in South America. Ecuador is a land of surprises. The beautifully  colonial capital is a world Heritage site brimming with amazing architecture.  From the capital you can travel to Andean Indian markets, remote jungle towns and warm Pacific beach.

Ecuador’s Andean mountains feature some of the world’s most spectacular, snow-capped peaks. The highlands have many colorful Indian markets, some are world famous and deservedly so, others are rarely visited by foreigners but are no less interesting.

The Amazon Basin in Ecuador is all that one would expect a tropical jungle to be. Jungle travel in Ecuador is easier than in most countries because the distance between jungles sites and cities is far less. The most popular sports in the region are rafting and Ecuador coast cabinkayaking, chosen by those looking for the maximum in adventure in the middle of a paradise of pure and crystal waters.

The Coast too has much to offer, wonderful beaches, cliffs, lovely bays, national parks and protected areas and a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Traveling along the coast you have the opportunity of visiting archeological sites of pre-Columbian cultures such as Valdivia, Chorrera and Tolita.

The Enchanted Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands and their natural riches have enjoyed great popularity throughout the world. The Islands certainly appear out of this world, moonscapes unchanged since primeval times except by the lava  flowing from newly-erupting volcanoes.

While easier understand, Galapagos are, in fact, an unpredictable wilderness filled with an extraordinary population of unique species and subspecies, which have developed apart from humans and their dominating influence. continues...

Ecuador culture

Ecuador culture
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